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Gateway LTE - Installation

Follow the instructions below in order to configure the gateway to work.


  • Gateway LTE GL-X300B
  • a phone with the cellular network access


Prepare a gateway

  1. Screw the included antennas to the gateway if there are not screwed yet. Place the antenna with the 4G symbol in the 4G place corresponding to it. Then, screw the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennas (they are the same) in the remaining antenna ports.
  2. Locate a place with good LTE network coverage near the meters on which OneMeter devices are (or will be) installed. If there is no such place, prepare an Ethernet cable.

Launch the gateway

  1. (optional) Connect the gateway to the router using the LAN or WAN port if the cellular network is unavailable in a given location. In this case, it will not be possible to operate the gate remotely by the OneMeter Team.
  2. Run the gateway. To do that, connect the power supply.
  3. Wait until the gateway starts up. It may take a few minutes.
  4. Observe the status of the gateway as below.


  5. (optional) Mount the gateway on a DIN rail or wall. To do this, disconnect the power supply, follow the video animation and finally turn the gateway back on.

Source of the video: GL-X300B (GL.iNet).

That's it! 👍 Check if the data from the nearby OneMeter devices is available on cloud.

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