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If you want to make OneMeter even better, read how you can help us. Thank you for all your valuable comments and feedback.

Beta tests

We are running open beta tests of the iOS application. The Android app is being published immediately to all users.

Read the below instruction to install OneMeter app on your iPhone.

  1. (optional) If you have been using the Android app before, prepare OneMeter device for cooperation with the iOS.
    To do this, synchronize and uninstall it.

    Can I keep the current installation?

    If you will, you do not need to uninstall the device, but then you need to update OneMeter device firmware using the latest Android application and wait 15 minutes for the device to finish the update after the firmware transfer is finished.

  2. Download the TestFlight app from the AppStore. TestFlight is an Apple's official beta testing app for iOS apps.

  3. Click this link with testing invitation.
  4. Accept the invitation.

    onemeter-testflight-invitation onemeter-testflight

  5. Install OneMeter app. As a result, the app should appear on home screen, but you can also launch it inside TestFlight if you will.


  6. That's it! 👍 You can start testing OneMeter for iOS.


Do you want to report a bug or have an idea what we can improve? We will answer you as soon as possible here.

To speed up the handling of your request, please include the email address used in the application and device identification information.

We always strive to provide the best quality of our products to provide you with even better solutions. Thank you for choosing OneMeter!

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