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OneMeter services

You can find the brief summary of OneMeter services below. Then, check detailed comparison of the functionalities in the table.

What service to choose?

  • Target: Business users & advanced home users. Buy now
  • Description: OneMeter Home + reactive energy & contracted power calculations as well as data export from multiple measurement points.
  • Target: Business with Renewable Energy Sources & advanced home users. Contact us.
  • Description: OneMeter Business PV + DSR mode (readout every 1 min), automatic device time synchronization, more than a 1 year of battery life time.


Additional features of 🗠 OneMeter Enterprise.

We are increasing the system's capabilities for the purposes of advanced energy analytics. If you miss a feature, let us know what you need and we will adjust the product to your requirements.


Basic information

Make sure at order page if the below information about cloud access, tariff groups and device color is up to date.

Variant Home Home PV Business Business PV Enterprise
Access to Cloud Unlimited Unlimited Subscription Subscription Subscription (monthly)
User Home Home with PV Business Business for renewable energy Business for renewable energy
Tariff group G G B, C, G B, C, G B, C, G
Color green green black black black


Below functions are available in all service variants.

Access Option Details
Standalone installation Easy to install. Electrician not needed!
Many compatible meters Check meter compatibility list.
Precise readings Data truth is guaranteed by the meter itself.
Monitoring of
active energy
Check consumed energy in the given period.
Track expenses Check accurately estimated cost to pay.
Graphs & charts Check energy consumption over the course of minutes, hours, days, months and years.
Alerts & notifications Get an email when the energy consumption or other configured parameter is exceeded.
Security Device & application data is encrypted (AES-128, SSL/TLS).
PV simulation mode Check the potential of energy production in your location.
Mobile application It allows you to communicate with the device.
Cloud application It allows you to access to data remotely from any PC.
Data export
You can easily export data in tabular form.
Access to
OneMeter API
You can easily integrate your home automation system with OneMeter Cloud.
Technical support (email) Our technical support team is open for your questions.


Below functions are available in selected services only.

Availability Option Details
Home PV
Business PV
Monitor overproduction
of active energy
Check overproduction of your installation (e.g. PV).
Home PV
Business PV
Monitor your energy bank You can check the state of your virtual energy bank.
Business PV
Monitor reactive energy You can check the dominant load type in the network.
Business PV
Control contracted power You will not be surprised by fees when you use the network intensively.
Business PV
Data export from
multiple points
You can easily export data from multiple devices.
Enterprise DSR mode Faster readout with 1 min period.
Enterprise Auto synchronization
of device time
OneMeter Gateway will synchronize the device time automatically with a given period or after battery replacement.
Enterprise Much longer
device life time
24 months of battery life time (2x longer).
Enterprise Increased battery capacity 2xAA batteries supplied. Over 10x more capacity comparing to CR2032 battery.
Enterprise Adjusting the product to the customer Do you lack functionality? We will implement it for you.
Enterprise Priority technical support (phone) Our team of specialists is waiting for your questions.

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