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OneMeter Cloud API enables the integration of data from the OneMeter platform with external systems. An API user (so called: API client) can for example:

  • get device list,
  • get device details,
  • get readings from the given period with selected data and aggregation level,
  • export data to XLSX or CSV.

How to start?

Grant API access yourself and read API documentation (available also on the top bar after you login to cloud). Then you can request the server. Do it with caution so as not to overload the server unnecessarily.


For example, you can request the device list using curl.

curl -H "Authorization: PASTE_YOUR_API_KEY_HERE" ""

Grant API access

Just create an API key. Expand the instruction below and follow its steps.

API access in 3 steps

Open Account settings being logged in the cloud.


Click Get API access button.


Copy the API key and keep it in a safe place.

You will use the API key while making requests to the server. Remember that here you can also change the API key or block the access completely.


Each user has a separate access to the API

If you want to share data with another user, share your device with him instead of sharing your account and API key. You can do this in your device permission settings in the mobile app or cloud.

Revoke API access

In order to revoke the API access, go to Account settings option in the cloud (visible after expanding the menu in the upper right corner) and click Revoke API access button.



In API docs, there are examples of integration with popular smart home systems such as Home Assistant, OpenHAB and Domoticz.

We encourage you to dive into the integration examples after training a few ordinary API queries

In order to configure the integration with external systems correctly, it is required to understand the content returned by our API in order to properly adjust it to the data available in the cloud and the user preferences.

Last update: 2023-09-15