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OneMeter Gateway

The OneMeter Gateway provides a functionality of automatic actual data forwarding from the OneMeter devices within the range of the gateway. If there is any gateway in the range of the device, the last readings are forwarded through it to the cloud and then available to you even within a few seconds after the device reads it out from the meter. In other words, the gateway acts as an intermediary in transferring data from the device to the cloud.

Check also: Measurement data forwarding · Mobile app / Gate mode.

How to start?

Select a variant you want to become acquainted with.

gateway-wifi gateway-lte gateway-linux

Quick facts

tracked devices 10 (or more)
data set OBIS codes from last readout
local data backup Gateway Wi-Fi: unavailable
Gateway LTE: unavailable
Gateway Linux: 50 days (one device)
data update delay a few seconds (since reception)
range up to 50/10 m (line of sight / indoors)
data security encrypted & signed (AES-128 protocol)
additional features automatic reconnection to the server

Last update: 2023-12-01