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Questions and answers (FAQ)

Here you can find the additional information about the gateway. We resolve typical problems and respond for frequently asked questions. We sorted the information by importance. Familiarize yourself to speed-up the support time from our side.


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OneMeter in one minute. What is the OneMeter Gateway?

OneMeter Gateway allows you to collect the recent data read from the meter and advertised by OneMeter devices in a Bluetooth range and then transfers the received data to the OneMeter Cloud server. Your meter readings will reach the cloud within a couple of seconds.

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Is my readout data secured?

Yes. The gateway does not interfere with the data read from OneMeter devices. It just forwards it to the server. The data is encrypted by OneMeter device and can only be decrypted by the server after it reaches OneMeter Cloud.

Will the Gateway work on my computer?

Yes, assuming it is Raspberry Pi or Linux PC which contains BLE or Wi-Fi module.

Check Supported devices.

What range does the OneMeter Gateway have?

You can expect a few/several meters. Up to 50 m. Check Quick facts.

How many devices can be served by one Gateway?

25 OneMeter devices at once, based on our tests. We estimate the application should work with even more devices (up to 100). The final performance depends on internet quality, signal strength and our server workload.

What is the data update delay?

The data reaches OneMeter Cloud immediately (up to a few seconds) after the OneMeter performs a readout from the meter (assuming stable internet connection). In case of a connection lost - just after the connection is back. If the lack of connection last long time, the data may reach the cloud with up to several minutes of delay. It is caused by the fact that we want to provide the best possible performance for many users of the system.

More information: Data forwarding.

Can the Gateway work without internet?

Yes, partly. It requires the internet connection time to time, however if the internet is lost, the data is preserved in memory and resent to server after the connection is back. The internet should be available when the application starts up, though.

Does the Gateway store data in case connection is lost?

Yes. The Data backup mechanism allows to preserve data in Flash memory of the Gateway and forward it to server later, when the connection is back. The data is preserved also after you reboot the system.

Can I integrate OneMeter Gateway with Smart Home?

No, but you can integrate OneMeter Cloud. We provide the access to data with the OneMeter Cloud API. In our blog you can find the manuals how to integrate it with popular Smart Home solutions. Let's link: Home Assistant, Domoticz, OpenHAB.

Can I forward data to my server?

No, because its useless until the latter future (as it is encrypted). We consider releasing public API of OneMeter Device and Gateway depending on client's needs.

Where to find more details about Raspberry Pi?

Read product documentation.


How to start?

Follow Getting started instruction.

How to setup the Gateway?

Follow the Installation instruction.

Can move microSD card from one Raspberry Pi to another?

Yes, likely. Based on our tests, you can freely switch between Raspberry Pi Zero W, 3B and 4B.


How to check if the Gateway works fine?

Check LED status and Data forwarding information.

How to check if the Gateway is connected to OneMeter Cloud?

Check LED status and Data forwarding information.

How to reset Wi-Fi?

Follow the instruction.

In case of problems or specific questions...

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Last update: 2024-06-10