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Gateway Linux


The Linux Gateway is a gateway application that can be run on popular IoT computers (like Raspberry Pi) and personal computers (Ubuntu/Debian). As long as you have an active OneMeter service, you can use this application according to the Terms of use.

The most important features of the application:

  • transmit current readings from multiple OneMeter devices to the server,
  • continuous 24/7 operation with an option to auto restart in case of errors,
  • local storage of data in case of lack of internet or server connection.

The app requires Bluetooth and internet connection.

How to start?

I already know this product.

Update the gateway or install the latest System image or Installation package afresh.

It is my first time here.

Become acquainted with the app features described on the beginning of the article. Then, check compatible devices on which you can install the gateway. Depending on your preference, click the relevant installation method below to proceed.

gateway-image gateway-package

Login details

The below information is needed for System image configuration.

Host name onemeter-gateway
User name pi
Password OneMeter
Access point OneMeter Gateway
Configuration address http://onemeter.local lub
Contact us if you see multiple Wi-Fi access points with the same name in the neighborhood.


Max OneMeter devices 10 (or more)
Data transmission 10 MB/day
Readings memory 10 MB/day (local readings memory)
Application size Below 1 MB
Communication BLE, TCP/IP, MQTT 5
Internet Stable wired or Wi-Fi connection required
Ports: 1883 TCP/UDP
Encryption AES-128
Distribution Raspberry Pi OS, Ubuntu, ArchLinux
Architecture armhf, amd64 (x86-64)
Bluetooth 4.0 (or newer)
RAM Min. 512 MB

Last update: 2024-06-10