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Gateway Wi-Fi (MG3) - Installation

Follow the instructions below in order to configure the gateway to work.


  • Gateway Wi-Fi GL-S10
  • Android or iOS phone with Bluetooth access


Prepare a network

Make sure your phone has access to the Internet via Wi-Fi with the following parameters.

  • Wi-Fi type: only 2.4 GHz (5 GHz i 6 GHz are not supported)
  • Wi-Fi name: 3-32 chars, not hidden (for example: MyLink_2.4G_A012)
  • password: 8-64 chars or empty (we do not recommend using public network)


Choose your installation method and follow its steps.

📱 1.2.0 (44) (iOS)

  1. Open the OneMeter app and log in.
  2. Go to the menu and select Gateways.
  3. Start the gateway installation by pressing Install gateway.
  4. Follow the instructions steps.

    1-prepare 2-configure 3-installing

  5. Complete the installation and open the gateway details to ensure the gateway is set to the desired operating parameters.

    4-installed 5-list 6-details

Prepare a phone

  1. Download and install the GL-S10 Tool App on your phone.

    GatewayConfig (Android)

    GatewayConfig (iOS)

    Why do I need to download an additional application?

    We plan to add the ability to configure the gateway in our application. Until then, use an alternative configuration method via the GatewayConfig application provided by the gateway manufacturer (MINEW).

  2. Turn on Wi-Fi on your phone. If you work on Android, also turn on GPS so you can pass the Wi-Fi settings to the gateway through the app.

Prepare a gateway

  1. Start the gateway in configuration mode. To do this, connect it to the power supply and (if necessary) press and hold button for 6 seconds so that the LED starts blinking blue every second.
  2. Open GatewayConfig app.
  3. Start your Wi-Fi setup. Fetch the name of the Wi-Fi network (location permission may be required) and enter the password. Leave Whether BSSID is specified set to No.
  4. Proceed to start providing your Wi-Fi network configuration.

    alt-1-prepare alt-2-configure-wifi alt-3-installing

  5. After a while, the gateway will receive the network configuration and you will see it in the list. If you don't see it, start the setup again.

  6. Make sure the MAC address of the gateway matches the serial number printed on the back of the gateway.
  7. Press and confirm Complete.
  8. In the gateway list, navigate to the gateway details.

    alt-4-provisioned alt-5-list alt-6-details

  9. Select Configure Gateway to provide the operating conditions like in the screenshots below.

    alt-7-settings-1 alt-7-settings-2

    alt-7-settings-3 alt-7-settings-4

  10. Press the Restart Gateway button and confirm. Be careful not to confuse it with the Factory reset button.

That's it! 👍 Check if data from nearby OneMeter devices is already available in the cloud.

Last update: 2024-05-20