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OneMeter Gateway - Specifications


The OneMeter Gateway is an application that works as a system service, allowing you to collect data broadcast by OneMeter devices within Bluetooth range, and then relay the received data to the OneMeter Cloud server. The gateway works with OneMeter devices with firmware version 0.16.08 (or later).

Distribution Raspberry Pi OS, Raspbian Buster, Ubuntu1
Architecture armhf, amd64 (x86-64)
Bluetooth 4.0 (or newer)
Internet Stable wired or Wi-Fi connection required
RAM Min. 512 MB
Tracked devices 8 (or more)
Data transmission 4 MB/day2
Readings memory 4 MB/day (local readings memory)
Application size Under 1 MB
Communication Bluetooth, TCP/IP, MQTT 5
Encryption AES-1283

Initial login credentials (system image)

Host name onemeter-gateway
user name pi
Password OneMeter
Access point OneMeter Gateway4
Configuration address http://onemeter.local or


Currently, the gateway will not work properly on a Windows system (including Windows 10 IoT). We do not plan to provide compatibility with this system.

  1. Select the system image or installation package appropriate for the system on which you want to install the application 

  2. A rough estimation, depends on the frequency of the Internet connection failure, the number of tracked devices, and the type of broadcast data 

  3. The gateway does not encrypt the data (the OneMeter device itself does), but verifies that it is in the correct form and relays it to the server in an unmodified form 

  4. In order to make sure you're connecting to the right device, move away from any other access points with the same name 

Last update: 2021-04-09