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OneMeter mobile app

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The mobile application (for Android) is a part of the system connecting OneMeter devices with the OneMeter Cloud. The basic tasks of the application are:

  • Installation of the device on the meter,
  • Collecting data read from the energy meter,
  • Sending the gathered data to the OneMeter Cloud.

The content of this page has not been updated for some time

Screenshots are related to the application in previous graphical design.

Main screen

  1. Main menu
  2. Device search
    • Available when >1 device is available
  3. Multi synchronization
    • Sync many devices in parallel
  4. Sort the list of devices
  5. List of installed devices
    • Both those belonging to you and those shared with you
  6. Bluetooth signal strength
  7. No Bluetooth signal
  8. Device data is up-to-date
  9. Update available
  10. Device data is out-of-date
  11. Low battery
  12. Add new device

Device preview

  1. Back
  2. OneMeter Cloud link
  3. Synchronization
  4. Additional options
  5. Device name
  6. Device type
  7. Device location
  8. Battery state
  9. Date of last data received
  10. Energy consumed in the given month
  11. Energy meter readings

Additional options

  1. Share
    • Grant access to device readings (including graphs and reports) to another OneMeter user.
    • The OneMeter device does not need to be within Bluetooth range of your smartphone/tablet at this time.
  2. Remove
    • Remove the paired OneMeter device from the defined energy meter.
    • Your OneMeter device must be within the Bluetooth range of your smartphone/tablet at this time.
    • It is not required to be by the energy meter.
    • After performing this operation, data from the device will still be available in the OneMeter Cloud. The device will be marked as archived.
    • Display the UUID (Universally Unique IDentifier) and MAC (Media Access Control) address of the device.
  4. Energy meter picture
    • Visible if submitted during the installation of the OneMeter device on the energy meter.
  5. Update
    • Update the OneMeter firmware (if available).
    • The OneMeter device must be within Bluetooth range of the smartphone/tablet during this operation.

Last update: 2022-05-14