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Your personal smart meter

Read the contents of this manual in order to successfully configure and use the OneMeter.

Meet OneMeter

Thank you for choosing the OneMeter energy monitoring system. It will provide you with a wide range of information about the energy you are consuming from the grid and the costs associated with that consumption. OneMeter is a system that gives a user the ability to monitor the energy he or she consumes from the grid as well as the energy he or she returns (in case of overproduction e.g. from a photovoltaic installation). Its main element is the OneMeter device and the ❤ of the OneMeter Cloud.

System overview

The OneMeter system has three main components:


Once installed on the optical port of the energy meter, the device reads exact measurement data from it, which is then sent to the web app via mobile device. The user can see the calculation of costs related to energy consumed from the network in the form of tables and charts, as well as charts concerning active energy (in case of photovoltaic installations - also energy returned o the grid), power consumption or reactive energy (depending on the model of the electricity meter and the purchased package). This allows, among other things, to select a distribution tariff group for the user's profile or to better match the contracted capacity.

Use the mobile app to install your OneMeter on your meter, synchronize data (retrieve data stored in the internal memory of the OneMeter device and send it to the server), continuously receive data from the OneMeter device and send it to the server in continuous mode (gateway mode), and unpair the OneMeter device from the meter.

Install the device LED status Replace the battery Gateway

Last update: 2021-09-01