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Release notes - OneMeter Gateway

System image · armhf · armhf (bullseye) · amd64 · How to update

version published milestone
2.2 5 Apr 2022 Automatic device time synchronization, flow control.
2.1 1 Jun 2021 New LED statuses, offline data backup, performance boost, enhanced monitoring and error handling.
2.0 29 Jul 2020 Gateway status on cloud, support for multiple systems and platforms, offline data backup (beta).
You can find download links above the table. In order to select another/specific version, open its details.
The installation package presented above is available as universal version and for the bullseye system.
We started recording changes in the following changelog since version 2.0 of the gateway. The former version was 1.0.

Last update: 2024-05-20