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0.20.0 19th Nov 2020 Automatic protocol detection & blink readout support.

What's new?


Advertise tariff OBIS codes which have non-zero values.


Note that only 1.8.0 to 1.8.4 and 2.8.0 to 2.8.4 are considered and values in the picture are dummy.

Calculate power and energy consumption by counting LED blinks of the meter (control output).


In this mode, the beacon is capable of measuring live energy and power consumption. The measurement is updated on the cloud within a few seconds so you can observe the load of your local grid live apart from the standard 15-min period. The higher the power, the more quickly you will see an effect. The effective measurement period is even 1 s.

The installation method is described here.

Detect meter protocol automatically

For now, the device supports three meter protocols: IEC, SML and LED blink (quasi-protocol). The LED blinks are detected automatically when you put an uninstalled device on the control output of the meter. If you put the device on the optic port instead, the protocol will be detected automatically during the installation process.

Indicate your state before installation (if not connected) in the new way.

Read the LED status page or follow updated installation instructions.


  • Blink yellow LED if readout failed.
  • Improve the battery voltage measurement (once a day in replicable conditions).
  • Advertise file system errors if they occur.


Fix advertised status of the device (to alert the user in mobile app properly).

Previously, the status from the previous readout (not the latest) was advertised.

Fix blocking disconnection from a phone.

The installation process used to stick at the end from time to time because of problems with disconnection from the phone. The probability of this situation is now very low (depending on the phone).


  • Clean device configuration properly after unpairing.

Known issues

Inherited: The mechanism of replacing the oldest historical data with a new one is not reliable.

In order not to lose the data, try to synchronize the device at least twice a month or set up the OneMeter Gateway or Gateway mode in your mobile app.

Release Notes 0.20.1

Last update: 2022-11-25