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0.20.1 9th Jan 2021 Resolving installation and device battery lifetime issues.

What's new?


Resolve problems with device installation on some supported meters.

Affected meters which have been tested are listed below.

  • GAMA 300 G3B.144 (ELGAMA-ELEKTRONIKA) - ready
  • GAMA 300 G3B.147 (ELGAMA-ELEKTRONIKA) - ready
  • Corax 1 (Apator) - still conditional compatibility (may be blocked by the energy operator)

Warning The update should resolve the issues (if occur) also for other supported meters.

Increase device battery lifetime.

The expected optimal lifetime of the device has been restored to one year (comparing to a half of a year). The increased current consumption while asleep was the reason of shorter device operation time (starting with 0.19.X firmware).

0.20.0 0.20.3

Last update: 2022-11-25