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0.20.4 2 Jun 2021 Enhance communication with Daisy ADX12A meter.

What's new?


Enhance communication with Daisy ADX12A meter.

The Daisy ADX12A meter contains nonstandard number format (undefined by the norm). New firmware version of the device does support it.


Round down readout values

So far, if the meters provided greater accuracy than 2 digits after decimal point, the device used to round the values mathematically. For example, the consumption values 100.424 kWh and 100.425 kWh were rounded to 100.42 kWh and 100.43 kWh respectively.

After change, we expect rounding down. Both example values will be rounded to 100.42 kWh. It is (negligibly) beneficial for the users.

The majority of meters provide 2 digits resolution.

0.20.3 0.21.0

Last update: 2023-12-01