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0.21.0 30 Sep 2021 (planned) Optional meter readout with 1 min period (if applicable), instantaneous current and voltage readout (on phases).

What's new?


Optional meter readout with 1 min period (if applicable).

Warning: The existing functions of readout and storage of 15-min data remain unchanged.

We introduced a new option which allows the user to change the meter readout period to 1-min manually. Data written to memory will still be related to 15-min readouts only, however 1-min data will be advertised.


Depending on the quality of communication between the device, phone and server, there might be gaps in one-minute data that will not be filled during the synchronization with mobile app. Make sure the gateway has a stable internet connection and is within range of the device.

One-minute readout reduces the battery lifetime of the device.

Instantaneous current and voltage readout (on phases).

We enlarged the list of processed OBIS codes by:

  • 31.7.0 - instantaneous current in phase L1 [A]
  • 51.7.0 - instantaneous current in phase L2 [A]
  • 71.7.0 - instantaneous current in phase L3 [A]
  • 32.7.0 - instantaneous voltage in phase L1 [V]
  • 52.7.0 - instantaneous voltage in phase L2 [V]
  • 72.7.0 - instantaneous voltage in phase L3 [V]

If your meter provides these values, they will be visible in the system after the synchronization with mobile app (last readout) and will be advertised by the device. At the moment, we do not plan to keep their history in the memory of the device.

0.20.4 Coming up next

Last update: 2022-01-17