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0.22.0 24 Oct 2022 Increase device discoverability.

What's new?


Increase device discoverability

Being aware of the difficulties with connection to the device some clients may encounter, we have added the ability to configure the discoverability level of the OneMeter device. You can change it in the mobile app.

See: Select device discoverability.

Test meter compatibility

The feature will be available in the mobile app soon.

If you want to check if the device communicates correctly with your meter and even with your neighbor's meter (with his consent 🙂), then this feature is just for you!

Since now, the device has the ability to make sure that the readout from the meter is possible. This option is useful if you want to check whether OneMeter will work with an energy meter other than currently used, or after putting back the device from the meter and putting it on again. You can check the correctness of communication via the mobile application. The test is performed immediately (without waiting for the next readout).

Regardless of whether the device was installed on the meter or not, you can check whether a communication with the meter the device is currently placed on is possible. Upon completion of the test, you will receive feedback on the meter compatibility. Meter readings will not be visible in test results.

If you want to leave the device on a new meter, remember to uninstall and install it again as the test does not cover this.


Stabilize the speed of data synchronization

Until now, synchronization of data stored on the device was slowed down from time to time. After the change, the sync speed should be stabilized.

Improvement of device installation on SML meters

The frequency of installation errors on meters using SML protocol has been reduced.

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Last update: 2023-12-01