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version published milestone
0.23.0 24 Oct 2022 iOS support.

What's new?


iOS support

We made the necessary changes to ensure correct communication between the OneMeter device and iOS and Android phones. The release date of the mobile app version 1.1.0 depends on the platform. Please follow the announcements on our social media.

Regardless of the system, if you want to update firmware of the device to this version, then uninstall it with the recently used mobile app and start installation using the latest OneMeter application (not older than 0.4.25). During installation, the firmware will be automatically updated to a compatible version. Compatibility details below.

mobile app firmware limitations
< 0.4.25 (Android) < 0.23.0 no access to firmware update to version ≥ 0.23.0
< 0.4.25 (Android) ≥ 0.23.0 no access to firmware update to version ≥ 0.23.0,
device installation impossible
≥ 0.4.25
any no
≥ 1.1.0
< 0.23.0 no access on iOS to installed device (please uninstall it with Android app and install again using iOS app)
≥ 1.1.0
≥ 0.23.0 no

0.22.0 changes

We have added all changes described for version 0.22.0 in addition to iOS support.

0.22.0 Release Notes

Last update: 2022-11-25