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0.23.4 29 May 2023 Measure power every second on the meter blinking LED.

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Measure power every second on the meter blinking LED


Do you want to know the power you take from the grid every second of your day? Now it is possible! The power graph in live mode can be updated even every single second and allows you to deeply monitor power and energy consumption. It has never been so fast!

You will need a OneMeter device with the latest firmware and installed on the blinking LED of the meter. In addition, set up a Wi-Fi gateway (coming soon) or an IoT computer (e.g. Raspberry Pi) with the OneMeter Gateway application.

If you want the chart to refresh data so quickly, increase device discoverability. This may reduce a battery life of the OneMeter device. You can change the range of recently viewed data in the cloud. The browser will remember it for your convenience.

Note: The readings table will still be updated on cloud with the readout period according to timings which depends on the device configuration.

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Last update: 2024-04-09