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1.1.0 (32) 24 Nov 2022 Increase device discoverability, installation on blinking LED, gate mode panel, device dashboard.

What's new?


Select device discoverability

In case of difficulties in connection with the device, we have added the ability to configure the visibility of the OneMeter device nearby, available from the mobile application.

See: Select device discoverability.


Installation on blinking LED

Since now you can install the OneMeter device on blinking LED of the meter.


Gate mode panel

You can check the gate status and installed devices visible nearby. This panel can be opened from the user settings. Background mode is still not available yet but we planned to add it in the future if it is possible.

See: Gate mode.


Device dashboard

Check the details of a device by double-clicking its card in the device list (single-click still turns on the cloud view). You can also check the details by clicking on a device in the list of nearby devices in the gate mode panel (described above).


Filter device list

When you have multiple devices installed, you can search the device list by name or serial number printed on the magnet.


Device status icons reorganized

We changed the organization of the device status panel icons (upper bar of the device card on the list of devices).

1.1.0 (30) 1.1.0 (34)

Last update: 2024-04-09