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1.1.0 (34) 16 Feb 2023 Device status icons, previous month usage, extended app logs.

What's new?


Device status icons

The exceptional status of a device is now indicated by icons on the top bar of the device on the device list or device details screen.

See: Device status.


Previous month usage

From now on, you can easily compare not only the energy consumed and returned this month, but also in the previous month. If the energy usage information for the previous month is not available in the cloud, the previous month section will not appear.


Extended app logs

We made it possible to send us extended application logs to improve technical support and troubleshooting.


Narrow synchronization button

When you go to the device details screen or its cloud view, the sync button will automatically shrink after a few seconds so as not to interrupt the view.



Check network availability

If the application does not have access to the Internet or Bluetooth at the moment, then pressing the installation or synchronization button will display an error message instead of proceeding.


Clearer error description

We have improved the processing of some device installation, synchronization, and uninstall errors to make it easier to understand their cause.

1.1.0 (32) 1.1.0 (35)

Last update: 2024-04-09