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Release notes - Mobile app

version published milestone
1.1.0 (38) 22 Jun 2023 Sign in with Microsoft and option to delete account.

What's new?


Sign in with Microsoft

Since now, you can safely sign in to the app using your Microsoft account as well.

Pull to refresh user details

From now on, you can refresh the displayed user information if it was unavailable when the application was launched (e.g. due to lack of internet). To do this, pull down the user details.

Delete account option

We have added the ability to delete your OneMeter account in the application settings.

See: Delete account.

Enhance Sign In design

The sign in buttons in the app now look very similar to the buttons available when logging into the cloud in the browser.

Enhance Sign Out design

The sign out process is now more user friendly.


Remove prompt during Sign Out

We removed the inaccurate dialog about user data usage by the app that appears when you click sign out button.

React always on Sign Out click

From now on, the application always responds to the sign out button.

Known issues

  • Recently signed in accounts are not remembered for viewing the next time you sign in after signing out.
  • The application may display redundant information bars regarding problems with the connection to the server or the internet.

1.1.0 (36) 1.1.1 (40)

Last update: 2024-04-09