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Before you start

The instruction should give you the insight required to restore the device to a factory state. It is accomplished by unpairing your OneMeter device from your energy meter. You will still have an access to device data which was sent to cloud earlier. However, the device will be marked as disabled.

Do I need this?

You need to uninstall the device if you want to:

  • install it on another meter or different port of your meter (e.g. because your operator replaced the meter with a new one),
  • archive a bigger portion of data in order to save it against overwrite during the synchronization process.


Device Mobile app Cloud
will lose all the saved readouts which have not been synchronized and sent to the cloud yet will not display the device on the list will not accept new readouts from the device
will neither make new readouts nor advertise them will not display the device details window will treat the device as archived
will clear its configuration and be ready for a new installation process



  1. Open the OneMeter application.
  2. Sign in with your Google / Facebook / Apple account from which you installed the device.
  3. Make sure the phone has internet access, Bluetooth and GPS location services enabled.


    GPS location services must be enabled at least while the phone is communicating with the device. It is required for valid data transfer (related to the BLE standard).

  4. Select the device from the list in the main application window.

  5. From the expandable list in top right corner of the device details window, select the Unpair or Disable option (depending on application version).

    Make sure the operation is desired!

    Consequences are described above. You can treat the uninstalled device as one taken freshly out of the box.

  6. Confirm the operation.

  7. Wait until your phone locates the device and performs the full uninstallation.

    Risk damage

    Do not take the battery of the device for 10 s after the mobile app shows a confirmation. Otherwise its parameters of operation may be degraded.

  8. You're done 👍 Wait a few moments and then you can install the device again.

    Archived devices are invisible on cloud by default.

    In order to display it, select the Show disabled option.

Last update: 2024-06-10