Investing in green energy solutions - why being eco is worth it?

27/01/2021 | Czas czytania: ~ 4 min. Investing in green energy solutions - why being eco is worth it?

Start-up community is getting bigger and is developing fast despite the Covid-19 pandemic. This positive trend is rising and bringing many profits. There’s no doubt that they are the pioneers of what is hot, what is new and what can revolutionize our everyday life. This is especially the case with OneMeter - an unique energy usage analysis system that supports eco lifestyle. This is why we decided to ask our CEO & Founder Mateusz Brzozowski a few questions about the idea behind OneMeter, future of energy usage, and plans for the upcoming year.

Are you already a user of OneMeter or maybe you are considering investing in green energy solutions? If yes, you can find out some predictions we have for the further development of our eco business in this interview.

Hi Mateusz, I would like to introduce our readers to the idea behind the creation of OneMeter. Could you share with us what was your initial inspiration?

Hi! The answer is more complex than it seems. At first I saw the need to control the energy usage more and for a better understanding of what and when is generating the cost. This became a mission for me when I realised that the energy monopoly will never be interested in letting consumers have a solution to their problem and that what the end users need is a quick and easy to implement solution that won’t need a constant power supply.

An important inspiration was the development of the IoT back then, and the development of smartphones, which became the central point of information exchange.

I came up with the brief of this idea 12 years ago, however there was no suitable technology available. The idea itself was put aside in anticipation of the wireless technology that connects the device to the smartphone. Back then, what we could do was to deliver the product that will run out of battery very fast and need constant supervision. In that case, you could just as well order an electrician to install an additional electrical socket. However, all this could potentially make it difficult and increase the costs of implementation.

What was your career path before OneMeter and how did it lead you to the position of CEO of a promising and developing company?

In my life before OneMeter I was responsible for building IT and telecommunications solutions for enterprises and consulting in the area of software. My studies at MIMUW helped me a lot in these projects. These experiences help me deeply understand the technology, its possibilities and to connect the so-called ‘dots’.

What were the first stages of implementing the idea? What was your mission?

The first stage was quite fun and related to the clash with the bureaucracy of distribution companies. I was looking for a way of cooperation that would allow the startup to work in a controlled manner on a prototype of an innovative solution and test it on the infrastructure. At that time there were several dozen different models of meters. As a Start-up we have learnt that there is no possibility of cooperation until a ready certified product is created. We realised quite quickly that it would not be easy and this is what innovations in Poland have to deal with.

Isn’t it the main reason you want to expand on new markets?

It’s not the main reason, however this is exactly what we decided to do. Expansion is our goal for 2021. The innovation and importance of our solution has been recognized by experts from the National Center for Research and Development, who granted us a grant for the development and improvement of OneMeter 3 years ago and its adaptation so that it is compatible with meters in other European Union countries.

Thanks to this support, we are ready to start expansion into foreign markets. First of all, we want to introduce OneMeter to the German, Austrian and Czech market - we adapted the solution to the local market conditions, acquired significant partners and conducted pilot implementations with them confirming OneMeter’s compatibility.

What are your dreams for OneMeter in the distant future?

I would like us to do more for communities in rapidly developing countries. For example in African countries, Nigeria, Egypt, Tanzani, South Africa. I see there a great opportunity for development for the technology that we have created by adapting to local requirements. OneMeter will be a hit for prepaid meters. Just imagine that no one has to run around and look for a point where they can buy the top-up code. He will do it directly from our app via OneMeter attached to the meter. But of course such a product will also sell in other markets.

And when it comes to local markets, we really want the product to be easily integrated with popular smarthome systems in the less distant future.

Is the sky is the limit?

I want to provide everyone in the world with the possibility of tracking their energy usage with OneMeter and living more ecologically responsible lifestyle.

OneMeter is currently looking for a strategic investor who will support the company with capital but also experience in building an international organization and will help maintain the position of the leader we believe we are.


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