Promising energy-oriented startup is willing to expand thanks to 1 million investment!

31/03/2021 | Reading time: ~ 3 min. Promising energy-oriented startup is willing to expand thanks to 1 million  investment!

OneMeter is a start-up in a growth phase. Our focus is the new technology and innovation in the field of energy usage and monitoring. This year, having tested our pilot and sales possibilities on Polish market, we have gained recognition in our industry. We are determined to take next step do success and want to accelerate our development by expanding abroad - our nearest goal is Germany, Austria, Chech Republic.

Gain access to your energy usage data easily and on demand

OneMeter is a smart home inspired hi-tech solution using a portable beacon attached to your energy meter and mobile app. The so-called ‘beacon” is a small device that gathers the encrypted data and transfers it to the cloud. This way it can be easily accessed by the user and read via simple graphs in your mobile app in real-time. Our business goal and our mission is to provide every energy user (business or home user) with access and better understanding of their consumption. This way our solution helps to optimize the energy usage, therefore supporting an eco and sustainable lifestyle, which is an ever-growing trend.

Invest in accessible technology

The innovation and importance of our solution has been appreciated not only by our customers and partners implementing photovoltaics, but what is particularly important to us, also by experts from the National Center for Research and Development. Three years ago we were awarded a grant for the development and improvement of OneMeter and its adaptation to be compatible with meters in other European Union countries.

As OneMeter, we are a part of the global smart-home trend - our solution allows not only to save spendings on “electricity”, but above all to use the full potential of the energy produced or consumed and to track the effects of the changes. We keep on evangelizing the market. We are proud to be the change and we want to continue our activities on a larger scale. This can be achieved with the two new models of OneMeter devices: OneMeter 2 and OneMeter IoT.

Support the pioneer and life-changing product

Currently, we are working on development of our new products. OneMeter 2.0 is going to be an improved version of the current product, which increases the comfort of everyday use by implementing BLE technology, increasing the range of the device to over 100 meters and work on battery for 3 years. What is more, data reading will be possible even in real time, and not only every 15 minutes as currently. The OneMeter 2.0 is recommended for those who wants to monitor car chargers, heat pumps, air conditioner, and other devices that use a large amount of energy to monitor cost of their work

The second solution, OneMeter IoT, has all the features of the above, except that it additionally uses LTE-M or NB-IoT cellular networks to send data directly to the cloud. The device is addressed to business that needs to monitor energy in hard-to-reach places - e.g. such as PV farms, car charging stations, electrical switchboards in buildings and companies.

In search for valuable business partners

We believe that our solution is universal and proved that OneMeter meets the needs of users all over Europe. Our goal for the next year is to prepare OneMeter products for expansion on new target markets. The result of these activities is the successful debut of OneMeter in countries Russia, Germany, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Challenging as it may seem, we want to expand with the financial and know-how support of trusted and experienced business partner. This is why we decided to find an investor.For further expansion and development we need to gain approx. 1 million euros investment.

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