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OneMeter features
Cost calculations
Don't wait for your invoice - find out how much you will be paying for your energy, today.
Energy load
Find out what hours you have the highest power consumption and adjust your contracted power accordingly.
Reactive energy
See if and how much you will pay for over-contractual passive energy consumption.
Energy bank
Monitor the status of your PV virtual energy storage.
Check your average energy consumption.
Energy charts
Compare your energy consumption with the energy you returned back to the grid.

OneMeter Cloud

Stay informed

Forget about guessing. Stay up to date and informed using one easy to use and powerful tool.

OneMeter Cloud

Plan ahead

Never spend more than you have planned ever again. OneMeter lets you effortlessly assign usage alerts to better prepare for overages.

OneMeter Cloud

Know exactly what's happening

Keep track of all your energy usage and find information related to it in a pinch. Graph by month, week or day, get the intel you need.

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Simply install our app on your phone

Download and install from the Google Play Store the OneMeter App on your Android phone and App Store for iOS phones.

OneMeter 1

Mount your OneMeter device to your meter

Simply place your OneMeter device on the designated optical port of your energy meter. The magnet will do the rest.

OneMeter 2

Start managing your usage immediately & save

From day one of using OneMeter you will have access to analytical and control tools for your energy grid.

OneMeter 3

The best energy monitoring solution
for your home or business

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OneMeter Poland

A very good tool to control and analyse energy consumption. Extremely precise work. Graph how activity in Google shows when there was a need for a higher dose of energy. I sincerely recommend.

Grzegorz Napolski // Google Play Store

I finally know how we use up our energy and what I pay for. And in a rented apartment I have full control over whether something bad is happening there with energy consumption.

kris kk // Google Play Store

Finally, information about when and how much electricity we use at home. I hope that thanks to this we will choose the right photovoltaic installation

Przemek Pronczuk // Google Play Store

Great application. All very clear.

Waldemar Wawer // Google Play Store

It is worth using, shows the actual results of power consumption and allows you to manage electricity tariffs.

Mikołaj Filipowicz // Google Play Store

I bought the super at a great price I recommend to buy for parents and to the company ;).

Marek Szczudło // Facebook

It's okay. You can see the work is going on and it bodes well.

Waldemar Wawer // Google Play Store

I recommend it works perfectly

Rokfor Adam // Google Play Store

I recommend it.

Justyna Bochman // Google Play Store

Very useful, worthy of recommending!

Robert Ratajczyk // Google Play Store

Super app... Polish technical thought and it works :-)

Paweł Janik // Google Play Store

Worth using, shows the actual results of power consumption and allows you to manage electricity tariffs

Mikołaj Filipowicz // Google Play Store

Very interesting solution. Well illustrated data from the meter.

b de // Google Play Store
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What is OBIS code?

OBIS Code: The Key to Understanding Energy Measurements


Navigating through the complexities of energy consumption monitoring can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to understanding the technical aspects like OBIS codes. Recognizing the persistent interest in our technical documentation, we've crafted this blog post to shed light on the intricacies and common queries related to OBIS codes.

How to use OneMeter on iOS phones

How to use OneMeter on iOS phones


We are currently running beta tests of the OneMeter app for the iOS. The app is publicly available on TestFlight. Discover here how to join.

Promising energy-oriented startup is willing to expand thanks to 1 million  investment!

Promising energy-oriented startup is willing to expand thanks to 1 million investment!


OneMeter is a start-up in a growth phase. Our focus is the new technology and innovation in the field of energy usage and monitoring. This year, having tested our pilot and sales possibilities on Polish market, we have gained recognition in our industry.

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