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Platform access price for the following years 49.00 PLN / year
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Core functions
Real active energy consumption reports
Unlimited readouts history
Including photovoltaic installation users
Real passive energy consumption reports
Adjustment of contracted power
CSV and XLSX data export
Piority phone and e-mail support
Data acces via API
Custom branding
All features
Real energy usage
Energy usage tracking
Unlimited usage history
Remote data access
Easy installation
Simplicity and security of device
Smart alerts
Best-in-class technology
Android compatibility
AES 128-bit & SSL/TLS encryption
Tech support
Data export in XLSX/CSV
API access
Active energy readouts
Active energy readouts returned to the network
API access
Passive energy readouts
Contracted power
Advanced sharing
Priority support
Whitelabel branding
Priority email support
Priority chat support
Priority phone support
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