Supported meters

last update: 17/05/2023, firmware: 0.23.0

OneMeter is a smart device that works with energy meters and sub-meters equipped with an optical port and a special diode indicating energy consumption. Our device works in accordance with standards and protocols such as IEC 62056-21, IEC 1107, SML and DLMS (currently tested). We always strive to expand the list of supported models to provide you with even better solutions. Note that in some situations your operator may need to unlock the optical port of your meter.'

# Meter Optical Port Blinking LED
Don't see your meter here?

Don't worry! Usually, you will be able to at least monitor the consumption of the active energy and average power consumed from the grid. And if an optical port of the meter is available, even more data can be monitored. You can also send us a meter model name. We will let you know about its compatibility with our systems.

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Unsure if your energy meter will work with OneMeter?

Remember that you can send the device back within 14 days and we will refund you 100% of its price!