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OneMeter provides a bundle of features and racks up value over time.

What exactly is OneMeter?

OneMeter turns your energy meter into a smart energy meter. Read, analyze and assess your power usage in near-real time. While the OneMeter Beacon is our prime tool for collecting data, the nexus of our system is the OneMeter Cloud platform.

Installation is trivial and limited to placing the Beacon on your meter’s optical port - it will be held in place with an in-built magnet. Initialization is done in a set of simple steps with our mobile app. Once set up, exact measurements are downloaded and uploaded via your smartphone to our platform, OneMeter Cloud. Once enough data has been collected, a full complement of analytical tools becomes available to you, including helpful charts and tables of active energy usages (in case of photovoltaic installations also the amount returned to the grid), power drain and passive energy (depending on your meter model and opted service), as well as cost estimates. You can use it to, for example, match your distribution tariff to your usage profile, or better choose your contracted power limit.
OneMeter installation does not require any insider knowledge, special permissions, opening the meter’s cover or even disconnecting the meter from the power grid. You just need to place it on the optical port of your meter. The beacon is easily detachable as it is affixed with a magnet.
OneMeter beacons don’t interfere with energy meters, so there is no reason for your operator to have anything against it. It is also your right to access your meter’s data in the same manner they do. Our devices are confirmed to work exactly according to the specification, as confirmed by the National Institute of Telecommunications (Potwierdzenie zgodności Nr 038/2016) with returned Deklarację zgodności CE (designated CE 1471) - provided per request.
Some energy meters are known to have been fitted with magnets with their polarization opposite to the one specified in the IEC 62056-21 standard, according to which our devices are assembled. If that happens for you, please contact us.
OneMeter works with energy meters that have an optical port compliant with the IEC 62056-21 / IEC 1107 standards. Our beacons have been tested on a majority of models produced by common manufacturers, such as: Apator/PAFAL, Elgama, Elster, and Landis+Gyr. You can check the full list of compatible energy meters here.
OneMeter uses communication working in the 2,4 GHz range. All exchanged data is encrypted by unique keys with the AES-128 protocol.
The OneMeter beacon is powered by the CR2032 3V battery, commonly found in kiosks and home appliance shops. The limited version works from 8 to 12 months on one battery (depending on the meter model). The pre-order version provides a full year of battery life.
The beacon won’t collect data without a battery, but its memory will not be affected. Having replaced it with a new one, the beacon will continue to work and the data collected previously won’t be lost.
Run our mobile app after connecting the beacon to your meter. Tap ADD BEACON and simply follow the instructions provided. The process should take less than a couple of minutes!
The Cloud App is a web application that provides quick access to complete data from your meters. It also formats comprehensive reports in addition to presenting readouts in detail. Cloud App is available at:
Prices for large orders are discussed on a case-by-case basis. Contact us and we will adjust our offer to your needs.
OneMeter app is available for Android 4.3 and up. Performance may vary depending on the model - some distributors employ solutions that interferes with our device’s communication protocols. For instance, Huawei places WiFi and Bluetooth within a single module, often lowering WiFi data transfer speed while Bluetooth is on, or stopping devices from pairing.
Not yet. We are planning to have our services extended to iPhones later this year.
It can depend on the phone (go to “Which mobiles is OneMeter compatible with?”). While the average connection range is between a couple and a dozen meters, tests in an open field have yielded results from twice as far, with some customers reporting successful synchronizations from behind closed doors.
If you are sure that you did everything according to the instructions, please contact us via this contact form – we will be glad to help you.
Should you decide to not extend your subscription, OneMeter services (including the ability to access OneMeter Cloud) will no longer be available to you. However, the OneMeter device stays yours regardless.
The device has the capacity to store approx. a year’s worth of readouts (depending on the meter model). After that, the oldest readouts are overwritten to make room for fresh ones.
The package is sent via a courier within 2 working days of completing the order’s payment.
Yes, albeit it does not come from the meter’s OBIS code directly - it is rather calculated from energy usage within a time unit. This information is displayed, among others, on a helpful chart, mapping it across 15-minute intervals.
Yes. OneMeter Home package covers all G-tariffs, while OneMeter Business includes B’s and C’s. Moreover, you can set the relevant tariff yourself and receive an estimation of the bill you would receive while on it. You can toggle between different tariffs to check the viability of switching between offers available in your area, for example from a single-zone to a multi-zone.

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