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OneMeter Home PV

G-tariff energy consumers


- or - 269
incl. free access to OneMeter cloud (forever)
  • Calculation of energy overproduction
  • Virtual energy bank state monitoring
  • Compare returned energy with energy consumption via graphs
  • API access
  • No subscription
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OneMeter Business PV

Prosumers and B, C & G-tariff energy consumers


- or - 359
+ VAT | incl. 12 months of OneMeter Cloud access
  • Includes all OneMeter Home PV features Includes all OneMeter Home PV features
  • Passive energy readouts
  • Control of contracted power
  • Export of data from multiple measurement points
  • Priority telephone support
Buy Now 30-day satisfaction guarantee with Money Back!

...and much more

Incl. in both OneMeter Home PV & OneMeter Business PV
  • Easy installation without the need to call an electrician
  • Accurate meter readings (every 15 minutes)
  • Energy returned to grid readings
  • Energy bank
    • Support for prosumer discount systems by monitoring the virtual energy warehouse
    • Presentation of the sum of overproduced energy stored in the "energy bank" of the operator, which can be used to balance future consumption
    • Presentation of how much stored energy in the energy bank is endanger of expiry* and how many days are left before it is lost
    (*) Excess energy which has been exported to the grid and which is not collected within 12 months is lost.
  • PV simulation mode - Approximatation of photovoltaic energy production potential for selected parameters and locations
  • Access to data via API
  • Remote access to data from any device via OneMeter Cloud
  • Free Android app Install now
  • Data export in XLSX/CSV
  • Unlited usage history
  • Large list of supported meters Check here
  • Client technical support
  • Secure AES 128-bit & SSL/TLS encryption
  • Calculation of energy overproduction
  • Charts to monitor returned energy to the grid in addition to the energy consumption
  • The only such solution on the market
  • Support tools for auditors, installers and ESCo companies
  • Promotes PV seller and installer offers

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