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Release Notes - OneMeter Device

Android & iOS support

version published milestone
0.20.8-cz 1 Dec 2023 Correct device status and battery voltage at negative temperatures.
0.20.7-cz 6 Sep 2023 Resolve missing history of energy consumption readouts.
0.20.6-cz 24 Jul 2023 iOS support and more.

Android support

version published milestone
0.20.5-cz 21 Apr 2022 Improve meter data request reliability.
0.20.4-cz 2 Jun 2021 Enhance communication with Daisy ADX12A meter.
If your version is without suffix and you want to know firmware changes, contact us.
The available software versions may vary depending on the region and arrangements made during the order.

Poslední aktualizace: 2024-04-09