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version published milestone
2.0 29 Jul 2020 Gateway status on cloud, support for multiple systems and platforms, offline data backup (beta).

What's new?


Update Gateway state on cloud


If the application finds OneMeter device, it will be updated on the gateways list on the cloud. Details: Data forwarding.

Support systems and platforms

Added a support for Raspberry Pi OS i Ubuntu. Added support for Raspberry Pi Zero W, 3B, 4B and Linux PC.

Check Supported devices.

Two installation options

We provided two installation options. Details below.

gateway-image gateway-package

Offline data backup (beta)

If the internet connection is lost, data packets are preserved in Flash memory of the Gateway and forwarded to the server when the connection is back. This is an experimental function, because it requires further tests.

Statistics aggregation

The application periodically logs the statistics of connection, data forwarding, scanned devices and packets into the console. This information is necessary for app monitoring.


Not all data reached the cloud

Some data packets obtained from OneMeter devices were not forwarded to cloud. After change, all the recent readings are transmitted to cloud regularly (assuming the internet connection).

Release notes 2.1

Last update: 2024-04-09