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Release Notes - OneMeter Device

Android & iOS support

version published milestone
0.23.0 24 Oct 2022 iOS support.

Android support

version published milestone
0.22.0 24 Oct 2022 Increase device discoverability.
0.21.1 30 Jun 2022 Enhance device error detection.
0.21.0 23 May 2022 Readout every 1 min, adding diagnostic information.
0.20.4 2 Jun 2021 Enhance communication with Daisy ADX12A meter.
0.20.3 2 Apr 2021 Resolving OBIS 1.8.1, 1.8.2 and last readout synchronization issues.
0.20.1 9th Jan 2021 Resolving installation and device battery lifetime issues.
0.20.0 19th Nov 2020 Automatic protocol detection & blink readout support
The available software versions may vary depending on the region and arrangements made during the order.
We started providing Release Notes as of firmware version 0.20.0.


We applied a simplified semantic versioning.

What does it mean? Let's check 0.20.4.

element depends on
0 nothing (it's constant)
20 new functions (and eventual fixes)
4 bug fixes

For example, adding bug fixes has resulted in version change from 0.20.0 to 0.20.4. Then, adding new functions has resulted in version change from 0.20.4 to 0.21.0.

Warning: If you have a version with suffix (for example 0.21.0-rpr), the suffix is treated as the client identifier or product configuration.

Last update: 2023-02-14